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February 07 2018




I Don’t Know What That Word Means, But I Know Enough About The Internet That I Know I Don’t Want To Google It. An Adventure In Letting Go And Moving On With Your Life.

I Have A Morbid Curiosity And No Sense Of Self Preservation So I’m Going To Google It Anyway: An Adventure In Gambling Your Eyes Away

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Finn. #StarWars #TheForceAwakens #Finn #FN2187 #JohnBoyega #StarWarsArt #etsy #LoganPack #artofloganpack




Just to clarify the attack on disco in the late 70’s/early 80’s was truly an attack on the Black and LGBT communities.

It was weird growing up constantly hearing jokes from cartoons and shit about how bad disco was, and hearing disco and thinking “I like this, why do people hate this?”

Now I’m just like “… oh…”

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Steve Rogers in Infinity War by

February 06 2018

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Ryan Gosling on the MPAA’s decision to give Blue Valentine an NC-17 rating over its inclusion of an oral sex scene. (x)

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Somebody has to save our skins!

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Domhnall Gleeson + TLJ press tour

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Rosaline & Benvolio’s faces before their initiated kisses
(an extension of this post)

February 05 2018

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2.09 // 2.12

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I’m asking for a safe passage… through the anus.



Asking a cis woman anything related to her genital/boobs is -almost always- considered sexual harassment but asking the same kind of invasive questions to trans women and trans men is just curiosity

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Aragorn + embracing

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Capitalists will have children go without food before they give up even the tiniest part of their wealth.

I’ve actually asked Republicans why they’re against feeding children.  They believe the kids are hungry because their parents aren’t working hard enough.  Republicans think people will work harder if their children are hungry.  In other words, they believe it’s okay to TORTURE CHILDREN to get their parents to do what they want. 

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My favorite item in my closet is a blue faux-fur jacket that makes me look like Sully from Monsters Inc. I call it my pimp jacket.

February 04 2018

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quote from uma thurman, from NTY


I want to talk about this quote in relation to fandom– because it struck a real chord with me.  

in fandom, it’s a common thing to ship abusive relationships. I don’t think there’s very many girls out there who can say they never did. for me, as it was for many girls my age, it was twilight. I craved that type of obsessive, all encompassing love. I couldn’t see that it was a problem because it was so driven into my head that that’s what love was supposed to be. the boy who actually treated bella right (jacob) was just boring and vanilla. (EDIT: jacob was shit too– but I still remember thinking jacob was boring) this is a concept with real life consequences– when we’re conditioned to believe these things, and that we should want these things in a relationship, it makes it easier for men to take advantage of us. it makes us vulnerable to abuse. there are women are suffering in real life because of this trope. 

that’s why I fight about this so often. that’s why I want to make fandom a safe space for young girls. I want young girls to be taught what real love is supposed to be like. it’s not supposed to be manipulative, obsessive, or abusive. it’s supposed to be supportive, loving, and you’re supposed to have fun with that person. that’s love. stalking, manipulation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, etc should never be associated with love. 

shippers who constantly talk about how it’s fiction with no real life consequences are wrong. part of me feels bad for being hard on them (because they’re victims of this harmful trope as well) but we can’t just let it stay this way anymore. as grown women, we need to protect young girls. we need to teach young boys that aggressiveness is not the right way to show love. there’s nothing more important, if we want real change, than teaching youth what’s right. there’s no better way to teach people that than by setting a good example. 

I think we all need to think about– and talk about– this a little bit more. 

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bbc merlin series 3: hooded morgana & dynamic turns.

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It’d be nice, though. Superpowers. A way to make the world a better place. You know, really change things. Fight the bad guys, save the good guys.

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